Electrical Calculations - Electrician Math Electrician Math is a website which presents all electrical calculations likely to be encountered by an electrician in classes, on the job, and on electrician examinations. From calculator practice to commercial service calculations, every electrician can benefit from the content of this electrical math website by David Ullian Larson. 

An electrical apprentice, journeyman, master, and electrical inspector will find help here to improve calculations technique. Formulas are explained. Algebra is included. Conversion and derivation of formulas is a large part of this presentation. Story problems and grid worksheets are backed up with audio support. Mathematics is used by electricians every day. This website established a comprehensive coverage of each topic. Several thousand practice calculations are provided. 

The material presented here online is free for all to use. If you need more support material, printed workbooks and digital download workbooks are also available.

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Many electrician workbooks and practice exams are now available 
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