Changes to the 2011 NEC National Electrical Code

One of my favorite organizations, the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, has placed online a detailed evaluation of changes to the NEC. Here are links to their material:

Electrical Construction and Maintenance magazine has also placed online an article about changes to the 2011 NEC. Here is a link to that article:


One Pitiful NEC Change

The wonderful folks on committees who make changes to the NEC every three years occasionally make such a huge blunder, everyone should be upset with them. And upset I am to see that the most used table in the NEC, the bedrock of the NEC, table 310.16, has been renumbered to 310.15B(16). Every code book on every electrician service truck has that page dog eared. In the memory of a couple hundred thousand electricians, that number, 310.16 is firmly set. It will always be so with me. 310.15B(16), really. Bah humbug. No justification for this new number will ever satisfy a real electrician. Luckily the new number is not far in the book from where the old number would be, if it had been left alone. Just one electricians' opinion.

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